20+ Hilarious Zoom Meetings Memes

Well, what can I say about Zoom meetings? It's like being stuck in a never-ending episode of the Brady Bunch, with one person frozen in time and everyone else looking like pixelated zombies. And don't even get me started on the awkward moment when someone forgets to mute their mic and their dog starts barking like a maniac or their kiddos decide to put on a puppet show. But hey, at least we get to wear sweatpants and no one can judge our questionable home décor choices!

Here are 25+ zoom meetings memes. All generated by AI.

pajamas zoom meetings memes
successfully joined a zoom meeting meme
zoom meetings meme satisfaciton
manager zoom meetings meme
no progress zoom meetings meme
trying to convince coworkers zoom meetings meme
suggests another zoom call meetings meme
another zoom call meetings meme

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agree and disagree zoom meetings
zoom meetings suck the life
zoom meetings mute yourself
zoom meetings asking questions
too many zoom meetings meme
smiling zoom meeting meme
connecting to zoom call meetings meme
taking control over zoom meetings meme
can't escape zoom meetings meme
nailing zoom meetings meme
coworker extending zoom meetings meme
same background meme
once again asking zoom meeitngs meme
muting microphone meme

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Oh boy, there are so many things that can make a Zoom meeting hilariously memorable! For instance, forget to turn off your camera while enjoying a snack and suddenly you are the new star of the office Snack Time Show. Or when the Wi-Fi decides to take a break and turns you into a robot, buzzing in and out like a malfunctioning Roomba. And then there's the classic mix-up of assuming you're muted only to discover you've shared your internal monologue with the entire team, revealing your true feelings about Karen's new hairdo or Dave's boring presentation. So, you better watch out, because in the wonderful world of Zoom meetings, anything can happen!

Zoom meetings cliches

  1. "You're on mute" - the phrase that everyone has either said or heard a million times by now.
  2. "Can you see my screen?" - usually asked while frantically clicking through tabs trying to find the right screen to share.
  3. "I think there's a lag" - when the delay in audio and video causes awkward pauses or overlapping conversations.
  4. "Let's take this offline" - used to suggest continuing the conversation in another meeting or through email.
  5. "Sorry, I was on mute" - often followed by repeating what was just said.
  6. "Can everyone hear me okay?" - said while anxiously praying that the internet gods are on your side and your audio is working.
  7. "We'll circle back to that later" - when a topic goes off track and the host wants to bring the discussion back to the main point.
  8. "I'm sorry, I have another meeting I need to jump to" - the go-to excuse for having to leave early.

Things to avoid in Zoom meetings

  1. Definitely, do not put on a full-on Broadway musical number during your next Zoom meeting. I repeat, do not belt out "Defying Gravity" from Wicked or try to pull off the dance moves from Hamilton. People will definitely be mesmerized, but not necessarily in a good way.
  2. Do not forget to wear pants during your Zoom meeting. No, seriously, wardrobe malfunctions do happen! But let's be real, who wants to wear pants these days anyway? It's time to embrace a more "business on top, party on the bottom" approach to dressing for work.
  3. Do not make a game out of accidentally leaving your microphone on during a Zoom meeting. Definitely don't see who can come up with the most embarrassing sound effect or who can make the funniest faces. Who would want to enjoy a good laugh anyway?
  4. Please do not surround yourself with dozens of cats or dogs during your next Zoom meeting. It's not like adorable animals will help break the ice and make coworkers more comfortable in these stressful times.
  5. Do not use Zoom filters to give yourself a more professional appearance. Who needs to look more professional when you can instead transform into a talking taco, a unicorn or a slice of pizza? It's time to embrace whimsy in the workplac

Preparing for a Zoom meeting

  1. Spend at least an hour perfecting your Zoom background so that it looks like you're working from the beach, the moon or the Amazon rainforest. Who needs a boring office backdrop when you can be in paradise?
  2. Take advantage of virtual hats and sunglasses to look extra cool and fashionable during the meeting. Because let's be real, nothing screams professionalism like a pair of neon-rimmed sunglasses.
  3. Set up your laptop camera in a way that highlights your best features. You know, angle it just right so that your abs look more defined, your eyes look bluer, or your dimples look deeper.
  4. Practice your serious face in the mirror so that you can come off as a no-nonsense, all-business kind of person. That way, people will take you more seriously and you can establish yourself as the alpha in the meeting.
  5. Memorize a few jokes or funny anecdotes to share during the meeting, you never know when the opportunity will arise to lighten up the atmosphere. Because nothing says productive like making everyone laugh.
  6. Get dressed from the waist up only, since your camera usually only shows your upper body. Wear your favorite blazer, dress shirt or blouse, and leave the sweatpants and slippers on. Comfort is key, but let's not forget style.


Q: How early should I log in to the Zoom meeting? A: Oh, you really should log in about three hours before the meeting starts. That way you can watch the clock just tick away and get a head start on the boredom!

Q: What should I wear to the Zoom meeting? A: From the waist up, anything is fine. From the waist down? Well, that's your prerogative! Be forewarned though, that it might derail the meeting if we see you're in your bathing suit or snuggie!

Q: What if my internet connection is poor during the meeting? A: Just blame it on the solar flares, an evil curse or gremlins. We're sure everyone will believe you and not judge you for it.

Q: Can I mute myself if I have an important phone call to make during the meeting? A: Absolutely! Just make sure you announce to the meeting that you're muting, so everyone knows you're not ignoring them. Then proceed to continue to ignore them while on your phone call.

Q: Can I eat during the meeting? A: Only if you're willing to share with everyone else! Nothing brings people together like food.

Q: How do I get my boss's attention during the meeting? A: Oh, simple! Just keep talking over everyone else and hogging the conversation. Your boss will definitely take notice and appreciate your assertiveness.

Q: Can we end the meeting early if it's getting boring? A: Don't even mention that cursed phrase! We have rules and regulations to follow, so just suck it up and try to enjoy the experience.

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