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What is Supermeme.ai?

Supermeme.ai is an AI meme generator that can turn text into memes.

Our three major features are:

  • Text to meme: Turn any text input into a meme
  • Themed memes: Generate memes from any given topic
  • Search: Search semantically across thousands of templates

Who are the people working on it?

Supermeme.ai is a completely bootstrapped product. It's currently run by three internet strangers who have not met each other.

  1. Nico Botha - Full Stack Developer
  2. Ramsri Golla - AI Scientist
  3. Sanjeev NC - Meme Officer

What problem does Supermeme.ai solve?

Meme creation isn't a very enjoyable process. The joy of memes actually comes from sharing and consuming them, not by creating them.

Meme creation is a 4 step process - template sourcing, writing the copy, formatting the image and distributing it across different channels. We aim to remove friction at each and every step

Why can't they use other meme generators?

Meme creation is a niche skill. For anyone to use other meme generators, they need to already know the template and meme they want to create. But most people do not have that skill. However, if they look at a meme they can judge if it's funny or even do minor tweaks to make it funny. That's what Supermeme.ai enables and something that other meme generators won't.

What is Supermeme.ai's vision & mission?

Our vision is to break the monotony in marketing using humour and we hope to do that by democratising meme creation for the internet.

We want to be the default meme generator that enables people at scale to generate memes by leveraging the ever growing power of AI.

Who is your target market?

Our primary target is marketing teams looking for creative marketing solutions. Audiences, especially business audiences, have tuned out marketing speak. Marketing teams are desperately looking for a way to cut through the noise.

What are some usecases for memes in marketing?

Social media, cold emails, presentations, blog posts to name a few. Learn more about meme marketing usecases here.

Can individuals use Supermeme.ai?

Absolutely. We believe everyone has something to market. Memes can be an excellent vessel for your ideas.

I haven't gone through the pitch deck. What's it about?

Our pitch deck has information about our product, market and critical statistics. We are constantly updating this information that might benefit future partners

Spoiler alert: The pitch deck is full of memes ;)

What are some of the stats I should know?

We're currently at $25,000 ARR and 140,000 signups

What is your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)?

$0. We've generated 100,000 signups purely through organic channels and word of mouth. Read more about that journey here

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