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Why Supermeme.ai

Why should you use Supermeme.ai to generate memes over other popular tools?

Quality template database

High quality images. No watermarks. Upscaled quality. No offensive or NSFW meme templates

True meme generator

Actually generate memes using AI, not make memes using an image editor

Social Media Friendly Export

Export memes in 1:1 or 4:3 ratio based on target social media app

Custom Watermark

Easily brand your memes without using another image editor

Meme APIs

Build your own meme bot or application with just text input and our meme API

...and no ads!

How does it work?

Generate memes from text input

Generate AI memes by simply typing in text in natural language. Our AI will automatically write the caption and pick the appropriate template

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generate memes from text
generate memes from topics

Generate memes for any topic

Generate AI memes for popular topics like startup, crypto by choosing a meme template or uploading your own image.

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Export in any dimension

Export your memes in social media app friendly dimensions. No need to use an image editor.

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generate memes from topics

Check out these AI Generated Memes

AI Memes Showcase

All these memes were generated 100% by AI. No words were edited.

Search meme templates with emotions

Not sure which meme template to use? Just describe the emotion you're looking for and our AI will fetch the right template from over 1000 meme templates.

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search over 1000 meme templates
generate memes in over 110 language

Generate memes in 110+ languages

Without using Google Translate or changing keyboard language, instantly generate memes in 110+ languages

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Why do I need it?

Social Media Marketing

Prospects are more likely to engage with memes on social media. Get an infinite supply of memes.

Outbound Marketing

Not getting responses on LinkedIn DMs? Try sending a meme instead.

Paid Marketing

Stand out from the usual 'salesy' ad by using a meme in your digital ads

Meme marketing made easy

Supermeme.ai lets you create AI memes to get your prospect's attention and stand out from the regular marketing content your competitors put out

Supermeme.ai lets you create AI memes to get your prospect's attention and stand out from the regular marketing content your competitors put out

Who is it for?


Stand out from the crowd by leveraging memes in your marketing


Promote ideas and engage with your audience using memes on social media

Sales Reps

Improve reply rates in cold emails and DMs by using memes in your outreach


Communicate more effectively by using memes in your teaching materials

Our AI meme generator is targeted towards anyone who want to use memes to promote their personal or professional brand

Looking to build something on your own with memes?

Check out our meme APIs specially built for power users to leverage memes in their custom use cases

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Traditional Meme Generators vs AI Meme Generators

Traditional Meme Generators

User-Driven Content Creation

  • Users select an image or template and add their own text.

Manually choose Meme Templates

  • Users choose meme templates from 1000s of templates

Create memes in few minutes

  • Choosing templates, writing copy can take time

AI Meme Generators

Automated Meme Creation

  • Simply enter text input and AI can generate memes

AI Picks Meme Templates

  • AI automatically selects appropriate templates

Create memes in few seconds

  • Simply enter text and hit generate to get AI memes

What is an AI Meme Generator?

An AI Meme Generator is a tool powered by AI (more specifically Generative AI) that automates the creation of memes. Manual meme creation involves steps like choosing the template, writing the copy. AI Meme Generator eliminates those steps. You just have to enter the text and memes are automatically created.

AI Meme Generators are not just about slapping text on images. The underlying system understands the intend behind your meme creation and selects the appropriate meme template and writes a copy that is relevant to the meme template

meme generator vs ai meme generator

AI memes represent a new era of humor. They are not just about a funny image, but about understanding and replicating the nuances of humor that resonate with human emotions.

Frequently asked questions

How to make an AI meme?

Just enter the text you want within Supermeme.ai and hit enter. That's it! You will get 8 AI Memes to choose from.

Is this a meme generator?

Yes! Supermeme.ai is an AI meme generator that lets you generate memes by simply typing in a text. We're building a meme generator that's purpose built for meme creation. You can add your own text, resize the font and move things around just as you would on other meme generators.

How is this meme generator different from others?

Other meme generators are simply image editors with a lazily indexed collection of meme templates. Supermeme.ai is built only for meme creation. Here's how it differs from other meme generators.

Curated meme template database

Supermeme.ai meme template collection is manually curated and tagged with a meme creator's intention in mind. This means you can simply search for an emotion or expression ("angry', "frustrated", "annoyed") and you will get an appropriate meme template for you to use.

This is ideal for marketers who have to create a lot of memes but may not be regular meme creators. All the meme templates you see in our app are carefully curated to remove any offensive or NSFW templates. Unlike other meme generators, you will find almost all the memes safe to use in your marketing

Purpose built meme editor

Other meme editors simply overlay image editing capabilities and that can be an overkill for memes. In Supermeme.ai, you will not find thousands of fonts or complex image editing capabilities. We carefully pick only the capabilities you need to create and edit memes. This smoothens the meme creation workflow and enables even newbies to quickly start creating memes without any hassle.

Multilingual memes without using Google Translate

Creating memes in other languages can be a huge pain with other meme generators. You have to translate the text separately and copy paste them into the editor. Supermeme.ai lets you generate memes in over 110+ languages automatically by simply choosing a meme output language. This means you can write your captions in English and generate memes in many other languages

Can I upload my own meme templates?

Absolutely! You can upload your own templates and use our AI to generate memes on that image.

How does AI meme generation work?

Supermeme.ai uses a combination of OpenAI's GPT-3 and in-house carefully curated images to generate meme captions and match them with relevant meme templates. You can generate AI memes in two ways

Generate memes from any topic

You can enter any topic into Supermeme.ai, pick a meme template and let AI automatically generate memes for you. This is ideal in situations where you know you want to create memes for a specific topic but you're struggling for inspiration. You can simply use Supermeme.ai to generate memes for you or use the result as a starting point and modify the memes created

Generate memes from text

You can also enter any text and let AI generate memes for you based on the input. We do this by extracting the intent of your meme from the text input and then sourcing the right meme template. Supermeme.ai also uses GPT-3 to generate an appropriate meme caption for that meme template.

Are AI memes safe to use?

We understand that our users want to generate memes to promote their personal and professional brand. Hence, we've taken a lot of steps to ensure that the AI memes generated in Supermeme.ai are appropriate to be shared publicly. Here's how we do this

Filtering out potentially offensive and NSFW meme templates

Our meme templates are hand curated and we only pick the ones that are appropriate for use. So, you can be sure that all the meme templates that we have are safe.

OpenAI for text moderation

Since we use OpenAI for generating meme captions, you can be sure that all the captions generated are safe to use. You can read more about OpenAI text moderation here

Are AI generated memes funny?

A meme is a unique form of humour where it connects a funny or expressive image with a completely unrelated text. The randomness of AI actually works in our favour since the funniest memes are also random.

You can see a few examples of AI generated memes here

Are memes copyrighted?

Memes are usually covered under the "fair usage" policy. A lot of companies are already extensively using memes in their marketing. However, you should get an opinion from a legal expert for your specific business!

Does Supermeme.ai offer APIs?

Yes we do! You can generate memes via APIs by sending in a text input! Read more here

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