Meme APIs

successfully using meme API

Looking to launch a viral marketing campaign? Want to build a custom application with memes? Want to use memes but not sure how? We can help.

By using's APIs, you can leverage the power of memes in any use case you want!

API Access is available as part of our Enterprise plan

Why use Supermeme APIs?

Text in, memes out

Our APIs just take a text input to generate memes. You don't need any knowledge of meme templates to generate high quality of memes

Meme API, not image API

Unlike other meme APIs, we return both templates and meme captions that are aligned with the meme template. That means you don't have to worry about the meme being funny.

AI powered

We leverage GPT-3 to pick the right meme templates and write meme captions.

Clean and safe templates

All our 1000+ meme templates are manually curated and tagged. You can be assured that there will be no NSFW or offensive templates

Use cases for Meme APIs


"memes" have a keyword search volume of 1.5mn per month. Generate hundreds of memes for "{your niche} memes" in minutes

Custom Bots

Build bots within your Slack or Discord channel where users can use memes to engage with each other

Fun Tools

Build custom application and viral marketing campaigns where users can generate memes for your niche

API Documentation has two API endpoints to choose from

Text Meme & Template API

This endpoint is ideal for anyone looking to reconstruct the final meme image at the consumer end. This endpoint gives you the flexibility to use your own custom fonts, image format etc to generate the final meme image

Sample Request

curl --request POST --url --header 'Authorization: Bearer {api-key}' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --data '{  "text": "text to generate memes with"}'

Sample Response

{  "memes": [    {      "caption": "When you decide to create some amazing memes",      "image": ""    },    {      "caption": "When you launch an app and memes are involved",      "image": ""    },    {      "caption": "App launches with memes are the best!",      "image": ""    },    {      "caption": "When you decide to create some amazing memes with a designer",      "image": ""    },    {      "caption": "When you launch an app and memes are not involved",      "image": ""    }  ],  "searchEmotion": "Happiness",  "originalText": "text to generate memes with",  "generatedCaptions": [    "When you decide to create some amazing memes ",    "When you launch an app and memes are involved",    "App launches with memes are the best!",    "When you decide to create some amazing memes with a designer",    "When you launch an app and memes are not involved"  ],  "languageCode": "en"}

Image Meme API (beta)

This endpoint is ideal for anyone looking to use the meme image directly in the result (Twitter bot, Telegram bot). The final image returned has the text overlaid on the meme.

Sample Request

curl --request POST --url --header 'Authorization: Bearer {api-key}' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --data '{  "text": "text to generate memes with"}'

Sample Response


Note: The URL will only be valid for one hour

Access the mock API server here

API Pricing Tiers

Within the Enterprise plan, you can choose the Tier you like based on expected requests per month

Tier 1

For MVPs and proof of concepts to test out your ideas

$99 /month

✓ Everything in Enterprise plan

✓ 1,000 API Requests/month

Tier 2

For use cases that will attract moderate traffic

$499 /month

✓ Everything in Enterprise plan

✓ 6,000 API Requests/month

Tier 3

For use cases that will attract high traffic (think viral campaigns)

$999 /month

✓ Everything in Enterprise plan

✓ 15,000 API Requests/month

Looking for something more?

None of the current tiers work for you? Have something else in mind?

Let's have a chat! Email us at [email protected]

Meme API: Use Cases

  1. Social Media IntegrationMeme APIs are used in social media platforms for creating and sharing memes directly within the app, enhancing user engagement.
  2. Marketing and AdvertisingBusinesses can use these APIs to create branded memes for marketing campaigns, making their advertising more relatable and viral.
  3. Content Creation PlatformsWebsites or apps focused on content creation can integrate meme APIs to provide users with easy-to-use meme-making tools.
  4. Entertainment AppsGaming and entertainment apps can incorporate meme APIs for adding humor and interactive content.
  5. Educational ToolsEducational platforms can use memes for creating engaging and relatable content to aid learning, especially for younger audiences.

Meme API: Software Integration

  1. Social Media AppsIntegrating meme APIs to allow users to create and share memes without leaving the app.
  2. Marketing ToolsFor businesses to quickly create memes for social media posts, advertisements, or as part of their digital marketing strategies.
  3. Website BuildersOffering meme creation tools as part of website building platforms for bloggers, content creators, and e-commerce sites.
  4. Messaging AppsImplementing meme APIs in chat apps for users to communicate using custom memes.
  5. User-Generated Content PlatformsPlatforms like forums or community websites can use meme APIs to enhance user interaction and content sharing.
  6. E-Learning PlatformsIncorporating memes into educational content to make learning more engaging and fun.
  7. Internal communication toolsIn internal communication tools to add humor and relatability in corporate settings, enhancing employee engagement.
  8. Virtual Event Platforms: These platforms can use Meme APIs to add a fun, interactive element to virtual meetings, conferences, or webinars, allowing participants to create and share memes related to the event's content.
  9. Customer Service Chatbots: Integrating Meme APIs with chatbots to respond with relevant memes can make customer service interactions more engaging and less formal.
  10. Health and Wellness Apps: These apps can incorporate memes for motivational messages or to add humor to daily health and fitness reminders.
  11. Educational Quiz and Assessment Tools: Meme APIs can be used to create entertaining, meme-based quizzes or feedback messages, making the learning assessment process more enjoyable.
  12. E-commerce Websites: Online retailers can use meme APIs in their product reviews, allowing customers to express their opinions through memes, adding a fun twist to the review section.
  13. Email Marketing Software: Integrating meme creation tools for businesses to add humorous, attention-grabbing memes in their email campaigns.
  14. Personalized Greeting Card Services: Services that allow users to create personalized greeting cards could use meme APIs to add a wide range of funny and trending memes.
  15. News and Media Outlets: They can use memes to summarize news in a humorous, easily digestible format, appealing especially to younger audiences.
  16. Dating Apps: Implementing meme-based interactions for users to express themselves and break the ice in a light-hearted way.
  17. Recipe and Cooking Apps: To make cooking more fun, these apps can integrate memes related to cooking fails, tips, or food jokes.
  18. Travel Apps: Utilizing memes to give humorous insights or comments on travel destinations, local customs, or travel tips.
  19. Gaming Platforms: Adding meme-based achievements, reactions, or community content to enhance the social experience of gaming.
  20. Book Reading Apps: Implementing memes in reader communities for book reviews, discussions, or as humorous summaries of book plots.
  21. Workout and Fitness Trackers: Using memes to motivate users with humorous encouragement or light-hearted competition.
  22. Language Learning Apps: Incorporating memes into language lessons to make learning new words and phrases more memorable and fun.


What is meme API?

A meme API is is an interface where developers can send in an input through API request and get memes in the response. The input could be anything ranging from text, meme template name, emotion etc.

How are meme APIs useful?

Meme APIs are useful for anyone looking to leverage the power of APIs at scale. It can be quite challenging and time consuming to create memes one by one. A powerful meme API will let you create them at scale

What is the input required for your API?

You just need to send in a text input. This is ideal in usecases where users don't have any sort of meme knowledge. We'll automatically fetch the relevant meme templates and write captions for them

Check out the documentation above for more information

How does ensure quality of memes? leverages AI to generate meme captions and match them with relevant meme templates. This ensures that the meme templates and captions are always contextual. You can try it yourself here

Our meme template database is also manually curated. This means you'll never be hit with NSFW or offensive memes

Why is your meme API so expensive?

Since we leverage AI to generate quality memes, our overhead costs are higher. This helps us deliver quality memes while keeping the user input minimal.

We're an early stage startups so we're open to provide discounts for customers who are willing to make a long term commitment with us.

Are there any API limits?

Apart from the request limitations based on your API plan, there are no other limitations for reasonable use.

Can I try your API?

Given the overhead cost of the infra, we don't offer a trial of the API. However, you can try our app and the memes will be very similar.

If you run out of credits, send us an email([email protected]) and we can add more