10 Clean Meme Templates for Professional Use

Choosing a meme template for your next meme can be hard, we know. You could end up with a template that unknowingly offends someone.

That's why we've picked out 10 clean meme templates for you to use along with the template context and usage examples

Evaluation criteria includes but not limited to 

  • Are they universally understood?
  • Do they need to be explained?
  • Are they non-controversial?
  • Do they offend anyone?

Let's dive in! 

Boardroom meeting suggestion

This is my favourite template. The context of this template is that a good idea is being rejected by authority. And, don't we see that all the time?

This meme template can be used to illustrate bad practices in businesses where innovative ideas are shot down

Batman Slapping Robin

Ah, such a satisfying template. There's something about the place where Batman's hand meets Robin's face. Anyways.

The context of this template is that someone is so frustrated that they just can't take it anymore. It's a visualisation of "PLEASE JUST STOP RIGHT NOW"

In a business context, you can use it to communicate frustration felt by a stakeholder or a product user. Very handy in communicating customer feedback. 

Two Buttons

This is one of the simplest meme templates. Easy to create, easy to understand. The core idea of this template is a person struggling to choose between two options. 

In a business context, you can use this template to illustrate how two ideas seem different but actually very similar (thus the struggle is unnecessary). You can also use it to express unnecessary confusion while choosing between equally good (or bad) options

Change My Mind

Somehow, this one's funnier than it should be. The core idea of this meme is a person strongly sticking to their unpopular opinion.

In a business context, you can use it to communicate unconventional ideas that's bound to receive pushback. Using this meme would lighten the environment to discuss them because you've already acknowledge that you expect resistance

​​Running Away Balloon

This one's slightly complex with a lot of parts but the finished meme is still simple to understand. The core idea here is that something is holding you back from what you actually want to do 

In a business context, this is a gold mine. You can use this to highlight key challenges and invisible barriers that are holding a team/business back from being successful. In a customer presentation, it can be their current bottlenecks (that your product/service can solve)

​Left Exit 12 Off Ramp

This one's powerful! The core idea in this meme template is that you make a bad choice when an obvious good choice exists

In a business context, you can use it to highlight potential bad decisions when good options exist. 

Bike Fall

This one's an underrated meme template. The core idea here is when you self sabotage a perfectly fine situation with an unnecessary move.

This happens in businesses all the time. You can use it to highlight unnecessary initiatives and innovations that can actually cause more harm than good. 

​​The Rock Driving

Good old Dwayne Johnson. The core idea of this meme template is discovering information that absolutely shocks you (not in a good way)

In a business context, you can use this to communicate ignorance of stakeholders and customers in important situations. You can also use this to communicate obvious bad practices that are surprisingly still in use

Spiderman pointing at Spiderman

Iconic. This meme template is about discovering that two things are exactly the same. You can have a lot of fun with this template.

In a business context, you can use this meme template to communicate conflicting ideas trying to achieve the same result. Also effective to establish alignment between two separate teams trying to achieve the same thing

​​Scooby Doo Mask Reveal

Another underrated meme template (I'm getting lazy towards the end of the blog so I'm reusing adjectives). The core idea here is unearthing a surprising root cause to long existing problems

You can use it to highlight invisible bad practices that deter business growth and traditional practices that are no longer relevant but causing harm to the business

Those are the 10 clean meme templates to use in your next business presentation! What's your favourite?

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