15+ Funny Meetings Memes

Oh, meetings, the time-sucking black hole of the workday. They're like those relatives who come for a visit and never leave. But hey, at least with relatives you can serve them some leftover fruitcake and hope they get the hint. Unfortunately, there's no escaping a meeting once you're trapped in the conference room. So, let's laugh about it, shall we? Why did the meeting go to the beach? To get some "agenda" downtime!

Here are 15+ memes all generated by AI

meetings meme about being in meetings
so bored in meetings memes
exhausted in meeting meme
trying to pay attention meeting meme
being in a meeting for 10 hours meme
trying to stay awake in meeting meme
sleeping in meetings meme
sleeping in meeting memes

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exhausted from meetings meme
paying attention in meeting memes
meetings meme where ideas go to die
meeting could've been an email meme
crying because meeting could've been an email
meetings meme necessary evil
annoyed about meetings memes
about to fall asleep memes

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Why do meetings suck?

Meetings often suck because they can be time-consuming, unproductive, and disorganized. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Lack of clear goals and agenda - Without a clear purpose and agenda, meetings can quickly become aimless and unfocused, wasting everyone's time.
  2. Too many attendees - The more people in a meeting, the harder it is to keep everyone engaged and on track.
  3. Dominating personalities - One or two people may dominate the conversation, leaving little room for others to contribute or share their insights.
  4. Poor facilitation - Meetings require a skilled facilitator who can keep everyone engaged, focused, and productive. Without this, meetings can quickly spiral out of control.
  5. Lack of follow-up - Even the most productive meetings are useless if nothing gets done afterward. Designated action items and follow-up are essential to make sure everyone stays on track after the meeting is over.

So, to make meetings less sucky, make sure to set clear goals and agendas, limit attendees, encourage open communication, assign a skilled facilitator, and have a clear follow-up plan.

What are some ways to spend time during a meeting?

Sure thing! Here are 10 things you can do during a boring meeting (Note: These are meant to be taken as humor, please don't take them too seriously!)

  1. Play "meeting bingo" by creating a bingo card with common buzzwords and phrases like "synergy," "leverage," and "low-hanging fruit."
  2. Draw a caricature of the meeting organizer or the person who won't stop talking.
  3. Pretend to take notes by scribbling random phrases in a notebook to look like you're engaged.
  4. Write down an absurd list of meeting rules (e.g. "If anyone says the word 'innovative,' take a shot of espresso")
  5. Write a short story in which the meeting attendees are all characters in a ridiculous plot
  6. Initiate a subtle game of "telephone" by quietly whispering a random phrase to the person next to you and seeing how it evolves as it goes around the room.
  7. Create a tally counter and keep track of how many times someone says a certain word or phrase.
  8. Physically count ceiling tiles or other mundane objects in the room.
  9. Create a sketch of the meeting room and draw absurd doodles in each of the chairs to represent different people.
  10. Write affirming notes to yourself and fold them into paper airplanes to pass around the room.

How can I create my own meeting memes?

  1. Identify a common or humorous experience in meetings that you would like to highlight in your meme.
  2. Choose an image or photo to accompany your meme. This image should emphasize the message you want to convey.
  3. Caption your image with a witty phrase, funny joke or sarcastic comment that captures the essence of your meme.
  4. Experiment with various font sizes, colors or styles to make your meme stand out.
  5. Share your meme on social media and with your coworkers.

For example, you can use a photo of a person or a group of people looking very disinterested in a meeting and use a caption that reads, "When the meeting could have been an email." Or, you can use a photo of a dog sleeping with the caption that reads, "Me during a long boring meeting." The possibilities are endless!